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Learn about our commitment to democracy.

The America We Find

Without a functional democracy that represents everyone, we cannot make progress on critical civil rights issues. But, at every turn, President Trump has eroded the rule of law and our democracy, and his administration has aggressively worked to undercut the power of communities of color and those historically excluded from our political process. When our democracy is in peril, so too are our civil rights.

The America We鈥檙e Building

This moment calls us to recognize democracy as the fundamental value upon which equality and inclusion rest. America is overdue for a 21st century democracy 鈥?and our coalition is committed to getting us there. By working to end racial discrimination in voting, ensure a fair and accurate 2020 Census, and demand impartial judges who will uphold civil rights, we are building a democracy where every voice matters and every vote valued.

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Learn about our commitment to justice.

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The America We Find

Despite the steady progress of the civil rights movement, systemic racism and injustice persist in the nation鈥檚 legal system. The Trump administration has worsened the crisis by restarting the disastrous War on Drugs and promoting policies of fear and division 鈥?policies that scapegoat immigrants and communities of color for political advantage. For our nation to be truly free, we must insist on equal protection under the law.

The America We鈥檙e Building

Justice reform offers an opportunity for hope, and an opportunity to realize our nation鈥檚 promise of equal justice. Through our coalition, we push back on the glaring criminalization of communities of color and hold state and national leaders accountable. Together, we fight for the rights and safety of immigrants and work toward transforming the legal system into one that is just and equitable for all.

Learn about our commitment to inclusion & opportunity.

The America We Find

The struggle for equal opportunity and civil rights are inextricably bound. But throughout our nation鈥檚 history, America has locked too many people out of education, employment, and economic opportunities. Rather than expand access to safe schools, fair working environments, and inclusive communities, the Trump administration has rolled back civil rights protections and fanned the flames of prejudice, making us all less safe.

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The America We鈥檙e Building

Access to equal opportunity is at the heart of the American dream. Our coalition creates pathways for people to invest in their futures, choose safe and inclusive schools for their children, and pursue new opportunities without fear of discrimination. We are also working to ensure that every person can access the technology and information necessary to participate in democracy and meaningfully contribute to their communities.

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